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If you have solar and you need a new roof, trust the professionals to make sure your system is reinstalled correctly and your new roof warranty is still maintained. Here are the services we provide to navigate this process.

  • Remove the solar system, protect roof penetrations, equipment and wiring.

  • Coordinate with the roofer to install the solar roof attachments after the roofing underlayment and before the final roofing material. Roofers will ensure that all of the attachments are properly sealed and the roofers we have experience dealing with will still guarantee their roof warranty.

  • Reinstall solar racking, panels, inverters and wiring.


 Click on the Request A Service Quote button below and let us know how we can help remove and reinstall your solar system for your next roofing project. 

Removal and Reinstallation

New Roofing Services

When a roof needs to be replaced, we are here to help with the removal and reinstallation of your solar system. It is likely that your solar system will outlast your roof and we will work with your roofers to reinstall the roof penetrations so they are covered under their warranty. If a system is reinstalled after the roof is installed without this coordination, it will often times void the warranty of your new roof.  We can also easily make any additions and updates to your system at this time to meet your current needs in life.

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